The typical model of capitalism is currently being challenged by a more socially minded form where the goal is making social improvements alongside profit rather than focusing on accumulating of capital in the classic capitalist sense.

(Photo courtesy Ben & Jerry’s)

This week Unilever announced that from 2030 they will refuse to work with any supplier that does not pay a living wage to its staff. This effort is part of Unilever’s commitment to improve working conditions across its supply chain and to ensure that the benefit of Unilever’s success is spread not only across its own employees, but to every worker who contributes to…

Sports clubs across the world are facing significant financial pressure unless they can identify new ways to generate revenue and increase fan engagement. Photo by Charlie on Unsplash

When Manchester United listed on the stock exchange, it gave fans the opportunity to invest and own a part of their favourite team, something every person who supports a sports club dreams of being able to do. Buying your favourite club is possibly one of the most popular ideas for what you would do if you won the lottery. For Manchester United fans though, the joy of owning a share of their boyhood club was rewarded only with financial dividends, rather than the other benefits of owning a club that fans dream of. …

Steve Blank has a famous quote about customer discovery, “there are no facts inside the building so get the hell outside.” His view was that budding entrepreneurs needed to get away from their desks and computers and go speak to people about their problems and learn more about the current behaviours they use to solve/manage them. By doing qualitative research, you find out more about how your possible product could fit into a person’s life, however we are now in a time when getting out of the building is not possible. So how can product managers and company founders do…

Adam Butler

Corporate Venture Builder @ Rainmaking. BSc in Psychology and MBA from Imperial College, London

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